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All Greater Good was formed in July 2007 by Dr. Katja Van Herle, President and CEO, and Jacinta Behne, Executive Vice President. Dr. Van Herle’s passion and dedication to medicine for the cause of public health wellness and Mrs. Behne’s commitment to education through translational programs were the driving forces behind the organization and eventually gave birth to All Greater Good. As specified in the All Greater Good Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation, the specific purpose of this corporation is for “education and outreach programs that focus on public health issues and epidemics, as well as to fund basic science research pertinent to these issues.” The breadth of this language is intended to enable Dr. Van Herle and Ms. Behne of the organization to select and implement projects that have not received proper recognition, understanding, and response. Without the intervention and support of All Greater Good, worthwhile projects might not have the opportunity to develop and deliver their potential of benefiting substantial populations who are in need.

The All Greater Good Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.

All Greater Good Foundation members include:

Katja Van Herle, M.D., M.S.P.H, President and Chief Executive Officer, conducts scientific as well as administrative oversight in all aspects of the organization's projects and partnerships.

Jacinta M. Behne, M.A., Executive Vice President, conducts administrative oversight for research funding, projects, and educational outreach.

Daniel W. Behne, M.Arch., Office Manager, provides office oversight and project management to plan, organize and manage resources from conception to completion.

Derek Blackway, B.A., Communications & Collections, provides leadership for internal and external communications and oversees project reporting and research collection activities, including in-house digital library services and responses to inquiries.

Julia Heying, Program Coordinator, provides office support including database management, communications, scheduling and travel itineraries.

Megan Kenneally, Administrative Assistant, provides office support including database management, website updates, communications, event planning, coordination and reporting.

All Greater Good Foundation
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