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Type II Diabetes and Obesity

Sycamore Ridge Elementary School

Educating elementary school students about Type II Diabetes and Obesity, All Greater Good introduced You Are What You Eat at Sycamore Ridge Elementary School in San Diego, CA, in May 2008. Dr. Katja Van Herle, President of All Greater Good, guest lectured, teaching students nutritional facts about food and the importance of reading food labels as a proactive preventive measure against the rising epidemic of Type II Diabetes and Obesity.

The presentation is available for free download in our Educational Resources section in the Resources page of our website. The presentation is free for you to use as an educational resource to help you teach your elementary students about food nutrition.

Click here for the free download of You Are What You Eat.

We invite you to visit Sycamore Ridge Elementary High School’s website by clicking here.

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Type II Diabetes and Obesity
Dr. Katja Van Herle
Dr. Katja Van HerleDr. Katja Van Herle